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Monday, October 20, 2014

Halloween 2014 Style Roundup

It's here again and even though Halloween is an old (I mean really old) holiday, the stylistas are giving fresh advice for 2014. 

Thank you to my BFF's S-I-Ls Rhonda and Sandy, owners of the L.A. costume shop that is popular with film studios,  
for this costume outlook:

For girls: Frozen princesses
For boys: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
For everyone:  Minions
For men: pirates
For women: scary, violent (zombies - ewwww)
My favorite: superheroes
Come on people, pirates and zombies have been making headlines for what, a dozen or so years? Let's think of something new for 2015. 

The trends for decor:
monochromatic: black, white, silver and gray
matte surfaces

If you must have color (I must), add:
citron green and purple to your orange melange 
or autumn hues of red, gold, brown, yellow

Cool themes:
Edgar Allen Poe (always)
Steampunk with gears, watches, spectacles
Dia de Los Muertos sugar skulls
bats, spiders, pumpkins and cats

Something different:
Medieval castle (Macbeth) with heraldry, stone, urns, 
plaid and tapestries instead of a torture chamber

You can still serve glow-in-the-dark punch

Happy Halloween! 

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See you then! 

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Happy Halloween!

Share the fun of fall with a Halloween party or carnival for your little ones. It doesn't have to be complex or expensive, you can even make the games. Here are a few favorites from 
A Harvest and Halloween Handbook 

  Host a fun-not scary carnival or party

Create an engaging entry

and lots of games

Gather a few containers and shiny pennies for a penny toss game

 Candy jar guessing game - winners take home the candy jars

Bubblegum necklace

Ring lollipops with glow bracelets from a craft store

Mini doughnut eating race - no hands! 

Pumpkin golf

Peanut drop

Mini basketball toss

Cupcake and cookie decorating

Fishing Booth 

Black cat knockoff with bean bags 

If you have a few pennies left, rent a bounce house! 

Please join host Kim Power Stilson and me for an informative and creative chat about Halloween on BYU SiriusXM Radio 143 on October 29th and 3 p.m. Eastern. 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A Harvest and Halloween Handbook to the rescue!

Thank goodness for A Harvest and Halloween Handbook! I'm throwing a Silly Old Cat party for my Granddaughter Elle while completing four capstone classes for my B.F.A. degree by December and helping with an Oktoberfest dinner for 60 three days prior. I'll be using the delicious recipes, fun decorations and games straight out of the book. Is like eating your words? 

Need help with your party? Download A Harvest and Halloween Handbook and take it shopping with you!

Gather your art and make a fall display illuminated by orange lights.


Thanks Avery Mack for including tips from A Harvest and Halloween Handbook in your article in Natural Awakenings magazine's tips for a healthier Halloween!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Is there a Halloween party in your future?

There are over eight weeks until Halloween, plenty of time to plan an alternative, creative carnival or at least a great party! My A Harvest and Halloween Handbook has all kinds of child-friendly games, recipes, even invitations you can make with found objects.

Inexpensive decorations, activities and games 

Unique refreshments


Daring decor

Creative costumes

and more! 
Download your ultimate party guide; A Harvest and Halloween Handbook today!

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Happy Halloween!