Thursday, April 30, 2015

A New Gown

I have a new gown. And though I won't be wearing it to a ball, I will wear it as I humbly/proudly walk across a stage to accept my diploma. 

In my heart I will be thanking everyone who contributed to this accomplishment; 

my husband who INSISTED I complete the degree I've been working on for 39 years (and paid for it)
my parents who helped when I was a single mom

my professors, especially Dr. Krensky without whose encouragement I would not have finished

the University of Utah for providing an exceptional education and scholarships to help me along the way

my children and friends who patiently understood the time 
I spent neglecting them

my neighbor who gave me a messenger bag and pep talks

and all of my fellow artists and students of whom I have grown so fond.

With all my heart I thank you,

Pamela Layton McMurtry, BFA